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My husband is gay.

KIK: broasterstrudel

M!A: -





im laughgin imagine an actual spongebob/evangelion crossover


*spongebob voice* im so fucked up……….. DAYAYAYAYAHAHAHAHA

A lady at the supermarket asked me how old my brother is and I realised that I still look like a teenager: my anime tshirt, gelled hair, and pink shoes aren’t helping.


List of things my daughter has done this month:

  1. Told her brother that the stork was taking him back.
  2. Shoved K2 into various compartments, pouches, bags, ect.
  3. Hacked my iPhone to talk to my boyfriend (Uncle Dirk).
  4. Shared her ice cream with K2 when he dropped his- This is good.
  5. Learned to read Red Fish Blue Fish on her own- This is good.
  6. Ran a dictatorship. - This is bad.
  7. Referred to Hal and I as “underlings” yet still sleeps in my bed when she’s scared.
  8. "Accidentally" places legos around the house to injure my husband.


Hal walked in on K2 brushing her hair though. That was cute.

That wasn’t cute, he was crying and Mac was threatening to rip out his hair.

I got my first pair of shoes with laces in them today and my daughter taught me how to tie them.


What about your brother? We asked her. 
Her reply: Sacrifices must be made for the sake of the greater good. 


Mac wants me to take her to see that stupid Spongebob live action movie.


A Multi-Function Clip That Hides a Toolbox In Your Hair